We spread the love – and we liked it!

In the words of the great [*splutter*] Katy Perry (approximately) – we spread the love, and we liked it!

Following a somewhat drizzly and miserable morning, yesterday afternoon saw the inaugural Big Brum Love Tour spreading and collecting love among city centre shoppers.

The Love Tour wended its way along New Street, accompanied by the rather flipping fantastic Moselele.

Video by @KimboHud

Bearing placards of love, participants handed out ‘love cards’ and collected the loves of passers by. Click here to view a full list of the collected love!

Love collection board

Free hugs were dispensed by the fabulous ‘Lady Love Clown’ (aka Lyndsey Michaels), who was honoured as Brum’s Best Hugger at the end of the walk.

Big Brum Love Tour

Image by Still Walkers on Flickr

Reactions from members of the public were hugely positive. Marty Taylor, who had the idea for the tour and co-organised it with his wife Sas, said: “Being able to put a smile on so many people’s faces was a privilege and made all the hard work worthwhile.”

It's all getting a bit surreal on @BigBrumLove tour! #bi... on Twitpic

The Big Brum Love Tour Human Hotdog | by @karenstrunks

The Tour finale saw passers-by joining participants in a rousing rendition of The Beatle’s All You Need is Love, right in front of the Council House doors in Victoria Square. (Unfortunately, Yardley MP John Hemming resisted attempts by our human hotdog to get him to join in as he left the Council House!)

From n0tice.com

Big Brum Love would like to thank Ben Waddington and Nikki Pugh of the Still Walking Festival for their inspiration, help and love – we <3 you and it was an honour to be a part of your fantastic festival! :)

A huge thanks also goes to Moselele who did a brilliant job of performing on the move and keeping us all in the mood for love!

And finally, the biggest thanks to all who participated in the tour – walkers and passers-by. THANK YOU! <3


View more images from the Love Tour on Flickr

Karen Strunks on the Big Brum Love Tour

View the story “Big Brum Love Tour 31st March 2012” on Storify (With thanks to Karen Strunks)


Love collection

A transcribed list of all the diverse love we collected in Brum on 31st March 2012:

  • My children and my boyfriend
  • I ♥ the 99%
  • I love Fanatics
  • The People !!!
  • I love books
  • Enso
  • I ♥ Christoper Hitchens
  • Crazy internet people! [Who – us?! ;)]
  • Art + expression
  • I love sleep!
  • I ♥ Brownins x
  • I love my children
  • [Toddler’s drawing of a dog]
  • Clown Lady! ♥
  • my camera
  • I love Dachshunds & (Sas & Marty) x
  • Music in the street
  • I love my family
  • I love Spongebob
  • I ♥ flo
  • Beer
  • Everyone X
  • Loads of love to Daniel, Martin, Lara and Rory xxxx
  • Tor ♥ Elliott xxx
  • Elliott ♥ Tor xxx
  • John Lennon
  • My dog!
  • The people in Brum!
  • Vietnam
  • New York!
  • KFC :)
  • I love Andrea
  • Multi culture Brum
  • Gin
  • My cat x
  • Forest & Flymo
  • I love my Shaha
  • I love my family xxx
  • My daughter ♥
  • I love animals
  • Dogs ♥
  • I love Jesus
  • I ♥ Chris Smith
  • I love my daughter x
  • Fish & chips!
  • Jess + Tyler!
  • I love PIE!
  • I love Christofer Drew ♥
  • I ♥ Annissa
  • I love B.ham






Many thanks to all who posted on our board! xx

Big Brum Love – the musical!

We’ll be serenaded on our walk by a few members of the fab South Birmingham based ukelele group Moselele. If you play an instrument, please bring it along!

For our (grand!?) finale, to complete the tour we’ll be having a massed sing/playalong to the classic “All You Need is Love”.

If you want to join in, here is some music and lyrics that you can print off! (If you are a  trumpet, cornet or flugel player who fancies belting out the intro, please let us know!)

We’ll have copies availabe on the day if you can’t print them out.



AllYouNeedisLove-Ukelele (Provided by Moselele)


What do YOU love?


Bananas. We love bananas.

We love cats, dogs, our mums, our children, each other! We’re partial to gadgets and cameras and fish and penguins. Raccoons, armadillos, squirrels….

But enough about us, we want to know what YOU love and we want you to share it with the world! (Well, Bimingham at least!)

Join us on the Big Brum Love Tour on Saturday 31st March at 1pm 

Dress up as your favourite comic book hero.

Dress up as your favourite food!

Dress up as your nan, if it takes your fancy!

Or just bring along a banner or placard proclaiming your love!

We’d love photos of things you love for our love collection boards – your family, your dog, you car, your bike, your favourite Brummie pub or landmark, your nan.

Or bring the real thing and wave it at us! A bunch of daffodils, a bar of chocolate, your favourite book, your nan…. wait… perhaps you wouldn’t want to wave your nan at us, but she’s more than welcome to come along! :D

So join us and share your passions! (NB: This is a family event!)

Help us spread the love!

With just 5 days to go until the Big Brum Love Tour, we’re asking you to help spread the love!

Please share the link to this blog, or our Facebook page or Eventbrite page with your friends!

If you’d like to help further, you could print off a few of our flyers and leave them lying around in prominent places!

Click the image below to enlarge and right click to save to your computer.

Thank you! <3

Join the Big Brum Love Tour…!

Are you a singer? A musician? A dancer? A juggler?

Do you love Birmingham? Do you love anything?!

Join us on a procession through Birmingham and help to spread and collect love to celebrate our city. What do YOU love most? A place, a person, an object?

Participate in whatever way suits you! Come dressed as something you love or bring a placard proclaiming your greatest love. Help us collect a record of what people love – about Birmingham or anything else – on our Love Boards! Are you a musician? Bring along your instrument and serenade our participants! For the brave, take part in the Brum’s Best Hugger challenge! Our procession will end with a fun sing-a-long – sing or play along with us – or just hum quietly if you’re shy!

Or just come along and enjoy the fun and loving atmosphere!

Help us record the event with photos, videos, audio, whatever you can.

There’s something for everyone of all ages.

Keep watching this space for details…….!


Have you heard the word..? Still Walking 2012

Invisible Cinemas

Ben Waddington makes people look up on a tour of Birmingham's hidden cinemas at the Flatpack Festival 2011 - by Nikki Pugh on Flickr

If you’re wondering what Big Brum Love is about, you might want to start with Still Walking 2012.

Still Walking is a “festival of walking”, organised by the lovely Ben Waddington and closely supervised assisted by the equally smashing Nikki Pugh. Born from a frustration at the lack of guided tours around the city, Ben started to look at how he might inspire people to create and take part in walking events. The festival promises “a selection of guided tours, expeditions, instigations and processions offering you the opportunity to see Birmingham in a fresh light.”

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